Autobiography of Shepard Alice Devine Fish, DAR

I am a human jewel writer of Spiritual, Theoretical, Humanitarian, Patriotic and Human Rights papers. I was born in the Shepard Maternity Home, a Christian Science maternity center. As a young adult, I experienced an angelic image presence of an arch angel but did not know the meaning of it. I thought perhaps, God wanted me to know that I was really communicating with him when I prayed to him. It seemed the arch angel had already searched the world community and finally stopped to visit me. I thought that the arch angel was concerned about at the human condition of mankind and wanted me to pay very close attention to God's direction for mankind.

As time passed, I married Mark S. Fish and we had a baby son. I began writing about human rights because of the medical experimentation I and others were experiencing in the hospitals. I found Citizens Against Human Rights Abuses, a human rights organization which is IRS approved on the internet which had citizens from the International World Community reporting growing experimentation occurring all over the world.

C.A.H.R.A. which is now called Mind Justice had reports from Finland's medical surgeon general, Roni Kilde regarding European experimentation victims, U.S.A. Congressman, John Glenn who proposed a U.S.A. Senate Bill to Ban Human Experimentation in the military, Nick Begich's Lethal-Non Lethals report on the new threat to mankind of invisible and visible high tech weapons and satellites tracking and many other credible persons and reports.

I was very glad that Cheryl Welsh, Director of Mind Justice cared about the millions of morale human being victims of experimentation research going on in the U.S.A. and International World Community. We, the victims consider Cheryl Welsh a saint for supporting the victims when no one else understood this covert holocaust of Hundreds of Millions of morale human beings for over seventy years since World War II.

I wrote a One Human Cradle Theory, I had been thinking about for over twenty years. I knew that there must be some explanation why the people on the earth looked different from each other. I didn't believe the theories of humans coming from other planets was possible as I did not see any evidence of life elsewhere in the universe.

I didn't believe the theories that different kinds of people emerged on the earth was possible as the people did not seem to be entirely distinct from one another. Finally, I thought there must be something in earth's environment early in time, hundreds of thousands of years ago, to cause our differences in appearance. I imagined walking on the earth, hundreds of thousands of years ago in the colder and warmer climates and what that might do to evolve the human populations.

I knew that the people's bodies must have evolved to deal with the different climates, as they had no permanent protection from the weather early in time. I was sure the bright snowlight must have caused early humans to narrow their eyes which evolved to elongated eyes and that the more intense heat near the equator must have caused early humans living there to evolve deeper pigments. I thought that mankind must be one color which deepens or lightens with the environment and that mankind's facial features evolve because of he environment. And so, my theory began to seem more possible that there was one human cradle family from which all mankind emerged.

I began to interpret Revelation 10-17 of the King James Version Bible as I had read it many times over several years and it always puzzled me. I am deeply devoted to God and the U.S.A. Constitutional Government as I am related to three U.S.A. Founding Fathers, Phillip and Robert Livingston, Signers of the Declaration of Independence and George Washington, First U.S.A. President and I am a fourth generation Christian Scientist.

I thought that Mary Baker Eddy must be the woman who fled into the wilderness for a thousand two hundred and threescore days because Mrs. Eddy's book, Science and Health with key to the Scriptures, 1875 took a thousand two hundred and threescore days to write. I thought Mary Baker Eddy must be the woman who was given two wings of a great eagle because Mrs. Eddy lived in the United States of America whose national symbol is the great bald eagle. I knew that the two wings must be the Freedoms and Rights of the U.S.A. Constitution and that God's two witnesses must be the Science and Health with key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, 1875 and the King James Version Holy Bible.

Mary Baker Eddy had raised Calvin Frye from death to life twice during his lifetime as witnessed by others in the book, Mary Baker Eddy Christian Healer. When Mrs. Eddy looked up at the moon, it moved in the sky as witnessed by Mrs. Eddy's maid. After interpreting Revelation 10-12, I noticed that Revelation 13 was not about Mrs. Eddy but was bout a time long after Mrs. Eddy's lifetime.

I thought that the Beast must be an animal or a machine that works for mankind as a beast of burden. I knew that computers worked for mankind and that computers were becoming more intelligent. I thought that a Dragon has fire coming out of his mouth and I knew that Mind Control Computers have human and recorded programmers that broadcast hateful messages to humans and animals continuously as a negative utopian experiment.

I thought that the mark of the beast must be the neuroradio microchip that covert mind control governments have covertly put in the inner ears of all mankind and many animals. I knew that St John wrote in Revelation of the King James Version Holy Bible that all mankind would receive the mark of the beast in their right hand which means government or in their foreheads which means the neuroradio microchip in the inner ear talks to the minds or foreheads of humans and animals. I knew that the number 666 mean all mankind.

I wrote a paper on International Ban on Nuclear Weapons because I know that God wants mankind to end Mind Control Governments immediately and permanently and restore morale governments, as the U.S.A. Constitutional Governments to real power immediately and permanently and for mankind to have a peaceful, intelligent future and populate the universe.

I have written several patriotic and human right papers explaining how mind control governments have manipulated world economies, caused wars, terrorism, crimes,fake cancer epidemics, fake aides epidemics, disabilities, degraded world environments, animals and humans, all as nega utopian experiments.

My husband, Mark S. Fish, a relative of George Washington, First U.S.A. President was experiment murdered at the hospital, both myself and my husband's friend Joel were unable to get Mark S. Fish released from the hospital, as was my mother, Lucille Livingston Devine who prayed to God would send someone to explain Christian Science to mankind so they could have peace in the world and better lives, as was my father, Thomas Patrick Devine, WWII Army Sargent Veteran, as was my sister's husbands, Leeroy Scholz, U.S. Navy and William Bauman, U.S. Navy, as was Edith and Edward Fish, my husbands parents as were Hundreds of Millions, including Princess Diana, Tammy Faye Baker, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Karen Carpenter, Christopher and Dana Reeves, Anna Nicole Smith and Adam Walsh, six years old.

God says in Revelation that mankind should internalize Divine Principle which means God's Morale Purpose for mankind forever. God says that mankind should return to the intelligent morale governments that they already established, as the U.S.A. Constitutional Government. God says God should oversee the human mind, human behaviors, and political correctness with God's Two Witnesses which are God authored books, the Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, 1875 and the King James Version Holy Bible which the Christian Science Bible Lessons use.

God says in Revelation that all nations and tongues which is all mankind should add the Christian Science Bible Lessons to their own religious and non religious (atheist and agnostics) faiths and traditions. Which means all churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and all mankind should add the Christian Science Bible Lessons to their studies to moralize the human mind and heal the human body.

God has given mankind morale governments to prosecute the most offensive human rights abuses. The U.S.A. Constitutional government is a god authored government because god mentions it in revelation as the great eagle with wings. No mind control governments are needed because God has already decided the human mind should be private and that mankind should not be human radios but should be natural human beings with privacy, rights and freedoms.

God has already decided that no experimentation, psychotronic monitoring and special forces are needed because God has already decided that Hate governments and organizations should be illegal internationally.

GOD says to mankind, Come let us reason together because I AM your morale GOD and Mankind are My morale SONS AND DAUGHTERS forever in whom I AM WELL PLEASED, prepare yourselves to enter GOD'S PROMISED LAND OF PEACE AND ENLIGHTENMENT. Study to prove yourselves good workmen after GOD'S OWN IMAGE, the Christ self within you all. GOD is no respector of persons so GOD saves all identities, saints and sinners, but they all have to be morally perfect to enter the promised land, kingdom of heaven where our spiritualized relatives who have passed away live.

Our GOD is noble, morale and good forever, GOD created everything in the universe including mankind morale after his own image. GOD IS LARGER than Christ Jesus and Mankind, so no one is greater that GOD. GOD's morale purpose is the reason anything exists, so mankind should humble themselves to GOD'S morale purpose instead of the world's immoral purpose. In the end all souls are mine saith the Lord and every human being shall humble himself or herself to GOD.

Shepard Alice S. Devine Fish, D.A.R.

Shepard Alice S. Devine Fish, D.A.R.

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