Worldwide Mind Control Governments Program the Minds of Large Populatons Against Human Rights

Written by Alice Devine Fish, defender of the faith, January 2011

The senseless attacks on Christians worldwide is a tragedy. Asia Bibi an illiterate Christian mother of five children was accused of blasphemy by muslin women in Pakistan in June 2009. Mrs. Bibi is still jailed and sentenced to death by hanging for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

On January 4, 2011 Governor Salmaan Taseer was assassinated for his opposition to the blasphemy law by Mr. Taseer's security officer identified as Malik Muntaz. A Christian Pastor Juliet Catalan and her ten year old daughter are brutally murdered by hacking in the Philippines by purported muslin neighbors on February 5, 2010. Gammar Hassan, a respected Muslin leader doing missionary work amoungst Christians described the suspects as "violent and merciless." Mrs Catalan had built a Christian church in a predominately muslin community. These latest mind controlled programmed assassins, purporting themselves as muslins are more examples of International Covert Military Mind Control-Hate-Experimentation governments not only taking over the world's governments and faiths but also taking over all mankind's minds and bodies via neuroradio low frequency communications of hate commands and LF neuroradio broadcasts of pain to the human nervous systems.

Mind Control nega-utopians who have been slowly emerging among the nations of the world, gaining more and more power over the human minds and human bodies of mankind via neuroradio microchips covertly implanted in all mankind's ears which sound like "Tinnitus". These mind controlled programmed personnel purport themselves as religious faiths, atheists, agnostics, governments, police, political parties, ethnicities, nations and others but they are really International Covert Military Mind Control-Hate-Experimentation governments.

These evil mind control governments know how to manipulate the minds of large populations of mankind to group think against the human rights, freedoms and privacy of human victims. We can see this happening in Nicaragua with a U.S. American man, Eric Volz being accused and sentenced to 30 years for the alleged murder of his Nicaraguan girlfriend, Doris Ivania Jimenez in November 2006 as shown on E-investigations on television. These World-Continental-International Mind Control governments were able to negatively program/hypnotize the human minds of the entire community of San Juan Del Sur, a coastal town against Eric Volz even though Mr. Volz had ten Nicaraguan witnesses swearing to Volz location in Managua over two hours drive away as being too far to have committed this crime of murder of his Nicaraguan girlfriend. Volz was eventually released in December 2007.

Mass population negative programming/hypnotism is a reality in our present world that Mind Control governments are actually capable of accomplishing. Mind Control governments have been slandering human victims via mass population neuroradio LF broadcasting for over 50 years. Mind Control uses many methods of control including infiltration by their programmed personnel into: television and radio news in order to slander individuals, religious faiths, governments and other in order to polarize public opinion against Mind Control human victims, intimidation of government officials to execute human victims or mind control assassins proporting themselves as: bodyguards, muslins or the people of the community will murder their government officials who do not agree with HATE government, infiltration into religious faiths in order to change the words of religious books to be negative and to purposefully set-up religious faiths in various controversies, Infiltration of governments in order to change their constitutions from morale and intelligent into chaos, problems and misery. Mind Controllers communicate that they have to keep basterdizing mankind's minds and lives beause the covert militaries threaten to remove the genitals of the mind controllers if they stop "basterdizing mankind." It is time for the People of all nations to investigate their own covert militaries because they are not working for the People any longer, international covert militaries are working for Mind Control-Hate-Experimentation governments who have enslaved the world's people to live under cruel governments forever.

These evil International Covert Military Mind Control-Hate-Experimentation governments should have been ended 70 yrs ago but the billions of morale people are still not aware that International Mind Control governments are now causing up to 90% of the world's negative problems of: terrorism which http://9-11motherofallblackprograms explains, rebellism, wars, crimes, economic problems, environmental problems, health problems of humans and animals and others. The Morale Military, Morale Government Representatives, Morale Police-Sheriff-Highway Patrol Depts, Morale Religious Faiths, Morale Atheists, Morale Agnostics will all stand with the morale billions of People to permanently end now all Worldwide Mind Control-Hate-Experimentation governments who have already caused a Worldwide Covert Holocaust of Covert murders and/or disabilities of millions of WWII Veterans and their spouses and millions of the People for over 70 yrs, and have driven the minds of children and young adults and the People completely crazy with their mind control Hate Programming/hypnotizing and LF broadcast pain to mankind's nervous systems.

The World's People can never have lasting peace until the billions of morale People demand that all International Covert Military Mind Control-Hate-Experimentation governments in the world be permanently ended now with an International Ban Against Mind Control of the Human Mind and of the Human Body in the International Court of Justice and in Supreme Courts in all nations.

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