Women's Rights and Freedoms

Written by Alice Devine Fish, Defender of the Faith to Hugh and Christy Hefner and Larry Flint, January 2008 and rewritten September 2010

Illegal Overseeing Mind Control Hate Experimentation governments Hate Women because Women try to make the world community a more enjoyable, friendly, beautiful place to live in and try to raise morale human being children. These illegal Global Continental World Control Overseeing governments goals are to take away All the positive influences that Mothers, Grandmothers and Women have on children babies, men and other women. This is done by neuro programming, prosecuting and broadcasting hate to women's minds and neuro electrocutions to women's bodies via neuro radio micro chips that all mankind have in our inner ears now. Mind Control can contact/neuro cell phone the mind and body of all mankind by their own neuro radio microchip phone number which super neuro computers already know.

Mind Control Hate experimentation governments aka USA and International covert militaries have taken over the USA Constitutional governments and International Morale governments in order to prosecute the morale people and ruin economies, environments, governments, human lives and animal lives.

These Mind Control governments are responsible for purposefully taking the lives of millions of women by covert experimentation. Anna Nicole Smith, Selena and Princess Diana were all mind control government stalked and purposefully murdered. Mind Control Hate Experimentation governments know how to stage car accidents, then transport the victims to their mind control clinics and take advantage of the body's vital organs and then transport the victims to a hospital to legitimize mind control crimes. Mind Control knows how to neuro program and hypnotize individuals to become irrational and take the life of an innocent human being with a weapon. Mind Control knows how to neuro program hired individuals to inject drug overdoses into innocent human being victims and make it appear as though it was all the fault of the victim.

Mind Control has had 70 years of USA and International covert military mind control hate experimentation practice and knows an endless amount of ways to goof on Morale Mankind to make their lives miserable. They use the People's taxes to enrich themselves while prosecuting and stealing monies from the morale People, false teach the children in the public schools and in religious Sunday schools, hack and virus computers, stall and prevent important legislation in Congress, proport themselves as government officials, and purposefully disable and take the lives of millions of morale human beings.

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